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Press Release From WCID # 1

48 inch main break

May 7, 2022

This morning at approximately 5am, Operators at the Lake Belton Water Treatment Plant observed a significant loss of pressure on a portion of the outgoing treated water system.

Upon further investigation, a 48 inch concrete steel cylinder water main was found to be leaking and losing a significant amount of water.

This pipeline is the primary delivery facility for Killeen, Fort Hood, Copperas Cove and others served by Bell County Water Control & Improvement District #1 (WCID 1).

Archer Western Contractors has been contacted and will be at the leak site to commence making repairs by noon. WCID 1 crews have isolated and dewatered the damaged segment and are in the process of transporting repair materials to the site.

Due to the significant water loss and this 48 inch main being out of service, WCID 1 has asked all of its customers to initiate the appropriate stage of their Drought Contingency Plan which would result in an approximate 50% reduction in water use and would include the cessation of car wash and laundromat activities for at least the next 24 hours.

Please contact Ricky Garrett, WCID 1 General Manager at 254-749-5076 for more information.

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