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City of Nolanville Unveils Innovative Skateable Sidewalk Expansion on Avenue G

Nolanville, TX- The City of Nolanville is excited to announce the completion of a new project that merges a traditional pedestrian path with a linear skate park. The newly expanded sidewalk on Avenue G, stretching most of the distance of the street, now incorporates innovative skateable elements throughout the entire path.

This expansion project, made possible through the collaboration of the Nolanville Economic Development Corporation and the Nolanville Public Art Committee, is a response to over 100 park element surveys where the request of a skate park addition was the top ask. This path is the first step to granting that wish and signifies a bold step towards enhancing the City's recreational and artistic landscape.

Rich Conklin of Primary Concrete, a well-known expert in concrete work and skate park design, played a pivotal role in the execution of this project. His expertise and dedication have not only ensured the high-quality construction of the sidewalk but have also integrated unique skateable elements, creating a new space for skaters of all levels to gather.

This project also features the artistic brilliance of Phoebe Joynt, a muralist from Austin, who was commissioned to paint the skateable elements with energetic and captivating graffiti-style pop art. Joynt's creative vision has added an artistic flair that not only brings vibrant color to the area but also features elements that highlight Nolanville's history and future.

This newly developed linear skate path on Avenue G is just the beginning of Nolanville's commitment to providing inventive and creative recreational spaces for its residents. In continuation of this project, the City is pleased to announce an upcoming expansion project at Fox Park, located at 603 N 10th Street. Using funds from a Texas Parks and Wildlife grant, this upcoming park expansion will feature a larger and more traditional skate park layout, complete with a "bowl" design to cater to skateboarders' diverse skill sets. Construction on this expansion project is scheduled to commence in January 2024.

"This project exemplifies Nolanville's dedication to fostering creativity, recreation, and community engagement,” Says Nolanville Mayor, Andy Williams. “We are thrilled to provide our residents with innovative spaces that not only enhance their recreational experiences but also promote artistic expression."

The City of Nolanville invites residents and visitors alike to explore the newly expanded skate path and experience the blend of urban design and artistic expression. Nolanville looks forward to the continued growth of recreational opportunities and remains committed to creating a vibrant and inclusive community for all.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Shidler, Community Development Coordinator for the City of Nolanville. 254-698-6335 or via email at

About Rich Conklin and Primary Concrete

Rich Conklin has been skateboarding for 20 years and has been building skateparks exclusively since 2013. Before starting Primary Concrete, Rich cut his teeth in the skatepark industry, designing, managing, and building over 50 skateparks across the United States and internationally. He spent his winters operating heavy machinery and sculpting snowboard terrain parks. That hybrid of skills positions primary concrete in a way uniquely capable of creating seamless, flowing, organic, ride-able architecture out of dirt, gravel, and concrete.

About Phoebe Joynt

Feebee is a local artist, designer, and muralist. She is known for incorporating modern, urban, and street art elements into her ever-developing pop art style. Her background of street art and illustration was greatly influenced during her time in Brooklyn, NY. Feebee was born in upstate NY and received her bachelor's degree in communications Design from the Pratt Institute in New York City. She continues to explore what is possible with her creative style in the studio and on the streets. Her singular goal is to create something beautiful, eye-catching, and exciting for the viewer. Feebee currently resides in Austin, TX.


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