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City Introduces latest Sculpture at Fox Park

The Nolanville Public Art Program is introducing a burst of color and creativity to Fox Park during its latest upgrades.


Zorro the Fox, a 10ft tall steel sculpture arrived on the scene at Fox Park, 301 N10th St, Tuesday afternoon and was quickly placed in its permeant home at the entrance of the park. Zorro stands tall as a brightly colored beacon showcasing the changes taking place in this longstanding, but once overlooked public space. (Read more on recent updates and upgrades to Fox Park courtesy of a Texas Parks & Wildlife Grant HERE)


The artist, Jeffie Brewer of Nacogdoches TX, describes the piece as a “symbol of nature’s beauty and the harmony between the urban and wildlife environments, creating a centerpiece for generations of park-goers to come”


The City of Nolanville acquired the sculpture in 2023 with the consultation of the Nolanville Economic Development Corporation, The Nolanville Public Art Committee & the Nolanville City Council. 


"We are thrilled to unveil 'Zorro The Fox' as the newest addition to our public art collection, enriching the cultural landscape of Nolanville and enhancing the experience for all who visit the newly upgraded Fox Park." - Brian O'Connor, Nolanville Public Art Program. “Let it be a reminder that Public art adds vibrancy and character to our City, transforming ordinary spaces into showcases of creativity and culture, all the while enriching the lives of residents and visitors alike."


About Jeffie Brewer-Sculpture Artist

Jeffie earned an MFA in sculpture and metals and an MA in sculpture and painting. He also holds a BFA in drawing, printmaking and jewelry making. He taught a wide range of undergraduate and graduate level art classes from 1998-2019, from sculpture to typography to expressive drawing.


More about the Nolanville Public Art Program (NPAP)

The NPAP stands as a testament to the belief that art has the power to transform spaces, inspire dialogue, and create a unique sense of identity for our community. We understand that a vibrant cultural scene enhances the overall quality of life for our residents. Join us as we embark on a journey to weave art into the fabric of our community, celebrating creativity, fostering inclusivity, and shaping a City where the arts thrive and flourish.



For More Information:

Jennifer Shidler, Community Outreach & Public Affairs Coordinator 254-698-6335 EXT 4

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