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October Community Spotlight: Jessica Navarro & Misha Johnson

October Community Spotlight

Jessica Navarro & Misha Johnson

Event Coordinators for the 2022 Train Whistle Jamboree & Fox Trot race

For 5 years, Jessica Navarro, City of Nolanville Planning and Development Coordinator, and Misha Johnson, City of Nolanville Court Clerk, have been at the reigns for the two largest City events of the year; The Train Whistle Jamboree and the Fox Trot race.

Year after year, they take personal responsibility for ensuring these two events go on organized and efficiently, truly demonstrating their talents in project organization, team member delegation, and attention to detail.

Their continued service and leadership for these events and their day-to-day involvement with the City demonstrate how much they care about the community. Together they add to one of the many reasons why Nolanville is a “Great Place to Live.”

Thank you again, Jessica and Misha, for all that you do!


For More Information:

Jennifer Shidler, Community Outreach & Public Affairs Coordinator 254-698-6335 EXT 4

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