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The Lights At Night, Are Big And Bright, Deep In The Heart of Nolanville

City officials recently revealed the new art light installation that will now illuminate the Main Street and I14 overpass after months of careful installation from local electrician RK Bass.

The City of Nolanville partnered with the Nolanville Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) to fund the project, which can be programmed to glow in any combination of colors.

The lights provide indirect lighting for the pillars of the overpass, as well as lining the ceiling to create a multi-light effect that can be controlled remotely from City Hall.

“We really want to welcome people as they enter into our community,” says Mayor of Nolanville, Andy Williams. “They’ll stop asking where Nolanville is and now they’ll say what’s going on in Nolanville.”

“Our hope is no matter how many times you pass under the lights, it will be a fun and thrilling experience.”


For More Information:

Jennifer Shidler, Community Outreach & Public Affairs Coordinator 254-698-6335

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