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The HOP Announces Additional Curb-to-Curb Transportation Options for Nolanville Residents

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Nolanville— June 15, 2022 Good news for the City of Nolanville’s seniors and those with disabilities as they now have a new way to travel. Starting Friday, July 1, residents can sign up for a curb-to-curb transportation service to help seniors and other vulnerable residents maintain their independence and mobility to run errands and attend medical appointments.

This is far from the first door-to-door specialized transportation service available in Nolanville, as the growing need for aid over the years has given birth to another program first of its kind; ENDEAVRide. The ENDEAVRide program, designed by Dr. Wei Li and his students at Texas A&M University and operated by City of Nolanville employees, has been offering transportation services to seniors, veterans, and other vulnerable residents since the spring of 2021.

City employees are excited and grateful for the announcement of expanded services, knowing that this opens the availability for them to help more people than ever.

“The increase of this program brings more independence and aid to the many important people in our community, enabling them to get to essential services and medical appointments,” says Alexis Suarez, Nolanville Community Outreach.

City Council Member Joan Hinshaw also knows how important this partnership is for the community.

“I am so excited about the HOP news concerning bus service for our senior and disabled Nolanville residents! This will provide access to these residents and help them maintain their independence. Thank you so much for making this happen.”

The Grant from the Federal Government was awarded to the Killeen UZA. The Grant challenges transit agencies to come up with ways to provide additional services to seniors and those with disabilities who may not be served in traditional transportation models.

“We are so excited to bring this service into Nolanville,” says Steven Beck, Interim General Manager of The Hop. “Since I started here in January, I have heard the need for the Nolanville community loud and clear, and I have been exploring how to provide service to Nolanville. When looking deeper into this grant opportunity, we realized that we could use this Grant in Nolanville; it was a win-win for everyone.”

To use this service, residents must fill out an application located here. Nolanville officials encourage citizens who feel they may qualify to contact City Hall if they require additional assistance with the form.

Every effort will be made to ensure a smooth application process for everyone. They can call 254-698-6335, email us at or visit us at City Hall 101 N 5th Street, Nolanville, TX 76559.


For More Information:

Jennifer Shidler, Community Outreach & Public Affairs Coordinator 254-698-6335

Steven Beck, Interim General Manager Hill Country Transit District 254-933-3700

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