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The City of Nolanville Brings Home Grant For Upgrades To A Local Park

Nolanville – The City of Nolanville has been awarded A $150,000 small community grant from The Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission to fund improvements of Fox Park located at 603 N 10th Street.

The $150,000 grant will go a long way towards the proposed upgrades at the already established Fox Park, including a playground with universal equipment, a pavilion, a skate park, solar lighting, a butterfly garden, and native landscaping. After polling more than 100 children and adults from the neighborhood, these new elements were decided on.

“A lot of discussion among staff, City Council, and Zoning Boards have gone into what we envision this park looking like with new updates,” says Planning and Development Coordinator Jessica Navarro. “Digital surveys were sent to residents via social media, and area kids were given interactive surveys at community events that asked them what their dream park in Nolanville would look like.”

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approved more than 9.8 million dollars in local park grants to 20 communities in three categories based on community size. These grants are allocated to local government entities to help add trails, gardens, playgrounds, lighting accessibility improvements, and more to local parks. The funded sites must be adequately maintained, open to the public, and remain parkland.

The Small Community Recreation Grant category serves towns of less than 20,000 residents and was awarded to nine communities, with Nolanville receiving the highest point total in this group.

“Master Park planning is a large area of focus for Nolanville,” says Nolanville City Manager Kara Escajeda. “We are excited that with this grant, we can continue to build on the quality of life of our residents regarding physical recreation and outdoor spaces.”


For More Information:

Jennifer Shidler, Community Outreach & Public Affairs Coordinator 254-698-6335 EXT 4

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