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Special Statement from Mayor Andy Williams

MARCH 21, 2023



CONTACT: Kara Escajeda, City Manager (254) 698-6335

Nolanville, TX-

Nolanville Mayor Andy Williams issued the following statement:

“Despite rhetoric and fear tactics originating from the self-appointed volunteer Fire Chief David Nobles over the weekend, the City of Nolanville has not made any action towards our Agreement with Central Bell County Fire & Rescue (“CBCFR”). Fire service for the City of Nolanville has not changed. In fact, mutual aid agreements with neighboring cities have been reaffirmed and strengthened.

Concern over the stability of CBCFR stemmed last week from the sudden removal of their elected board members. It seems that Mr. Nobles circulated a petition among members that was followed up that same day with an unannounced meeting to remove an elected board. Many of the signatures on the petition were from those members placed on probation, and ambiguity exists over who the actual membership consists of making the required number of signatures unknown. This mechanism is not permitted within their own by laws and does not follow the procedures required by the Open Meetings Act. A financial audit and investigation into the transactions of CBCFR is currently being conducted for compliance and transparency purposes.

In response to this unorthodox action, the City has reclaimed assets lent to CBCFR to protect the -above and beyond the financial obligations of the service agreement with CBCFR as these assets and many others extended by the City were not a requirement of the Agreement. Allegations with regards to holding funds are false. The Agreement with Central Bell extends to the end of the Fiscal Year September 30, 2023, and the City has fully paid for the contracted services from CBCFR in an amount that exceeds the contracted price of $45,000.

Given the current situation, the Council has decided to take steps to ensure future stability by reorganizing the composition of fire services by standing up a hybrid department consisting of paid and volunteer fire fighters. The City of Nolanville intends to fully protect its citizens and continues to ensure that adequate fire services are being provided.”


101 North 5th Street, Nolanville, Texas 76559 l Phone: 254-698-6335 l

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