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Nolanville Unveils New Electric Vehicle Charging Station

NOLANVILLE, TX – September 9, 2022 – Central Texas Electric vehicle drivers rejoice, there is a new place in town to charge your electric car, as The Nolanville Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) has unveiled a new electric vehicle charging station at 204 N Main Street, in Nolanville. This charging station marks one of just a few to be located for public use along I14 from Temple to Harker Heights.

“This project not only gives the community access to sustainable electric charging but also helps to prepare the City for a shift to an electric fleet. said Nolanville City Manager, Kara Escajeda. “We are glad we can offer this option to the community, and opens up the ability for us to stay ahead of future expected demands.”

The project, which passed through Nolanville City Council on June 16, 2022, is installed and maintained by Chargepoint, an American electric vehicle infrastructure company based out of California.

“We are excited to invest in a vehicle charging infrastructure for this community,” said the Mayor of Nolanville, Andy Williams. “We are showing Central Texas that our city, residents, and businesses welcome this form of sustainable transportation."

The ChargePoint Dual station, which closely resembles gas pumps, can take up to five hours to charge a nearly depleted electric vehicle. When the charging stations are full, drivers can join a waitlist through the ChargePoint mobile app and get in line to be notified when a spot becomes available. Pricing can be viewed in real-time using the Chargepoint mobile app.

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