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Nolanville Kicks Off Its New Public Art Program with a Call for Artists

NOLANVILLE, TX – The City of Nolanville is looking for artists to help jumpstart their new public art program. This new program will take place throughout 2023 and across the City of Nolanville.

Adding public art to the City of Nolanville can add significant value to the community's cultural, visual, and economic growth. It is proven that art enhances the quality of life for all who live near and visit it. It helps to give a community its identity, fosters community pride, and can create a sense of belonging. Nolanville will be no exception and has much to gain in these areas through the implementation of a public art program.

"Public art is a special ingredient in any community and is something that everyone should have access to without making special trips to museums and art galleries," says City of Nolanville Mayor Andy Williams. "It should be right there for all to see, enjoy and consider."

The initial call for artists includes requests for four sculpture pieces to be exhibited at the Main Street underpass, dubbed The "Wonderpass." The sculptures will be placed throughout the site and will be displayed for 12 months. To apply, artists can submit up to five art pieces for consideration, and these pieces must be available for display from May 2023 to May 2024.

Joe Barrington, a well-known Texas artist, and sculptor across much of the southwest, will be working with the City and the selected artists to install the sculpture pieces.

In the coming year, the City of Nolanville will also work with artists and local organizations to create murals that will add fun elements to the public art program. The City has already begun partnering with Killeen Independent School District (KISD), the University of Mary Harden Baylor, and The Austin Arts Commission to create concepts. In addition to these partnerships, Nolanville is encouraging artists to collaborate with the local schools to make the art accessible to everyone.

"Our hope is that the artists we select will bridge the gap to KISD's art programs to help bring cultural awareness of the social and economic impact of art." Says Bryan Buck, President of the Nolanville Economic Development Corporation.

Artists can learn more and apply for the open positions through February 24 by contacting Brian O'Connor or by calling the Nolanville Economic Development Corporation at 254-698-6335.

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