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​New Smart Trash Bin Is a Real ‘Game Changer’ For Nolanville Parks & Recreation Department

Nolanville, TX — At the second annual Monarch Festival, the City of Nolanville along with their partnership with the Nolanville Lions Club, unveiled their latest initiative in positive trash management practices: The Bigbelly smart waste bin. The new trash bin, which resides near the basketball court at Monarch Park, is a real ‘game changer’ for the city as they expect it will help keep park litter down and assist public works with prompt trash collection.

Nolanville’s Bigbelly unit will be able to hold 150 gallons of trash vs. the standard 30 gallons and will electronically notify the city and public works crew when it needs to be emptied.

The bin, which is solar-powered and completely enclosed, keeps litter in and pests out; because of this smart design, the park will now benefit from cleaner spaces without the threat of wind blowing litter and waste around.

“We were pleased to work with the Nolanville Lions Club and their donation contribution to make this project a reality,” Nolanville City Manager, Kara Escajeda said. “Nolanville strives to utilize all technology that we have access to that may result in a cleaner, and more environmentally-friendly community.”

Nolanville’s new smart bin has a variety of features:

· Smart technology with a CPU, cell and GPS antennas inside

· An enclosed design with a “hopper” that keeps waste in and pests out

· A foot pedal for a hands-free experience

· Sensors that know when the station is reaching capacity and needs to be collected by the Nolanville Public Works Department.

The Bigbelly system is comprised of two parts — the smart, connected station at the park and the system’s CLEAN software, a centralized dashboard from which system set-up, management, monitoring and optimization is done.

The CLEAN management software allows the smart bins to communicate real-time updates directly to the city which will allow for efficiency. The software will also allow the city to collect measurable data such as trash volume and collection savings.

The technology will help us minimize how often we send crews over to collect waste which will help us utilize our labor force in other areas of the city, not to mention saving us on un-needed use of our trucks and fuel.” Escajeda said. “These new smart trash bins will help keep Monarch Park clean, if the community will use them.


Jennifer Shidler, Community Outreach Coordinator, writes about and documents community and social events for the City of Nolanville. Contact her at

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