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Killeen Daily Herald Article Shines the Light on Nolanville’s Commitment to Community Development

The Following article was written by Jack Dowling for the Killeen Daily Harold on July 15, 2022 and can be read on their website HERE.

“Between intensive community development, infrastructure improvements and a redoubling in economic development, 2021 was one of Nolanville’s busiest years to date.

Through the use of ENDEAVRide, a telemedicine and ride sharing program, Nolanville has sought to facilitate free, accessible transportation to medical care for residents.

The program began in 2020 and has received continued support ever since. To that end, the Nolanville City Council recently approved a new, larger vehicle for the ENDEAVRide service.

In addition, Nolanville maintained a free drive-thru testing and vaccination facility at the Central Bell County Fire & Rescue.

“The all-volunteer fire department was instrumental in carrying out this mission from the beginning of the pandemic and is still operating to date,” said City Manager Kara Escajeda.

Some of the more noticeable projects are the various infrastructure upgrades Nolanville completed in 2021.

Many roads across Nolanville have been repaved in the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri, while the Woodlands are in the process of receiving new wastewater lines funded by Water Control and Improvement District #3 and a Community Development Block Grant.

Several projects, including the Nolanville Park Connectivity project, a large-scale walkability upgrade, are currently in progress. Once completed, the program will bring bike paths and sidewalk access to several “legacy subdivisions.” Similarly, the city has continued its neighborhood identity program, which includes creating neighborhood signs for every neighborhood.

“I think it’s really important that every neighborhood has a sense of self,” Escajeda said.

Other improvements to come with the connectivity project are sidewalks, a covered mailbox area and traffic calming devices. Escajeda said that the program may also have the effect of reducing the amount of commercial traffic that comes in along Avenue I.

Escajeda said she was proud to say that the food truck part near Main Street called “Meet Me At the Corner” has been a strong success.

“We are very pleased with the buzz that the food truck park created last year and have planned an even bigger variety of events and offerings for the coming year,” she said.

In a similar fashion, the business incubator at the old City Hall has been a success, with several new business — including The Look on Main, a salon — calling the developing area home.

Finally, Nolanville has remained focused on beautification and sustainability, which Escajeda said has not gone unnoticed.

In 2021, Nolanville received the “Gold Ranking Scenic City” award by the state of Texas, and was recognized as a Gold Star Affiliate of “Keep Texas Beautiful.” Proceeds from these grants will go toward improving Monarch Park and more such natural development programs.

Escajeda attributed the possibility of many programs to Grant Development Services, Inc. The grant writing company has secured millions in state and federal grant funding, making infrastructure, beautification, and other such programs possible."

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