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Keep Nolanville Beautiful Awarded $1000 Grant for Waterway Clean-up Efforts.

June 21, 2023


TITLE: Keep Nolanville Beautiful Awarded $1000 Grant for Waterway Clean-up Efforts

CONTACT: Jennifer Shidler, Keep Nolanville Beautiful Coordinator (254) 698-6335

Nolanville, TX-

Keep Nolanville Beautiful (KNB), an environmental advocacy and action committee formed to preserve and improve the community and quality of life in Nolanville, has received a $1,000 grant from a partnership of Keep Texas Beautiful and Dos Equis. These funds will be utilized to support and promote safety during clean-up efforts, actively engaging the community in preserving the pristine condition of Nolan Creek.

Nolan Creek is a vital natural resource that benefits our community and the natural ecosystem. The funding will help KNB acquire kayaks and life preservers useful for creek-cleaning initiatives. These supplies will allow volunteers to navigate narrow or shallow areas that larger boats cannot access, helping KNB to collect debris, trash, and other pollutants efficiently and effectively. Additionally, the grant will enable KNB to organize education materials and awareness campaigns, highlighting the significance of responsible waste management and its impact on Nolan Creek’s ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to be one of the four recipients of this grant from Keep Texas Beautiful and Dos Equis,” said Jennifer Shidler, Keep Nolanville Beautiful Coordinator. “These funds will empower us to foster a sense of stewardship among our community members and ensure their safety during clean-up efforts. We believe that by engaging the community, we can make a substantial and lasting impact on preserving Nolan Creek’s natural beauty.”

The partnership between KNB, Keep Texas Beautiful, and Dos Equis exemplifies the shared commitment to environmental preservation that we all strive to create a cleaner, more sustainable future for the community.

For more information about Keep Nolanville Beautiful and upcoming waterway clean-up events, please visit Keep Nolanville Beautiful on Facebook or contact Jennifer Shidler, Keep Nolanville Beautiful coordinator, at 254-698-6335.

Keep Texas Beautiful’s mission is to inspire and empower Texans to make their communities clean and beautiful. They provide resources for community improvement projects, clean-ups, and youth engagement efforts across the state.

Dos Equis, a product of Heineken USA, was founded in 1897. Today Dos Equis sees continued growth and expansion through a robust portfolio of offerings and new product innovations.


101 North 5th Street, Nolanville, Texas 76559 l Phone: 254-698-6335 l

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