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January 2023 Spirit of Nolanville Award: Lee & Heather Thompson

During the January 5, 2023, Nolanville City Council Meeting, Mayor Andy Williams presented community members Lee Thompson and his wife Heather who was unable to attend, with the Spirit of Nolanville award. This award is presented to those in the community who demonstrate selfless acts of going above and beyond for the Nolanville Community. The nomination of The Thompsons came to City Staff from the Nolanville Police Department and Chief Michael Hatton, whose annual Santa’s Mailbox project has been directly affected by the Thompsons kindness two years in a row. Each year the Police Department places a mailbox outside for children from the community who choose to write letters to Santa. On the express authority from Santa himself, the PD opens those letters and delivers gifts to the community. These past few years have seen an increase in need and without being asked, the Thompsons have come in and graciously provided over 80% of these gifts each year. The City of Nolanville would like to give its deepest thanks to the Thompsons. Your commitment and compassion shown to the families of Nolanville we serve go a long and demonstrate your care and dedication to the community. Thank you for adding to the many reasons why Nolanville continues to be a "Great Place To Live." ### For More Information: Jennifer Shidler, Community Outreach & Public Affairs Coordinator 254-698-6335

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