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City of Nolanville Welcomes Guests from Gostivar, Macedonia at Latest Council Meeting


Nolanville— May 24, 2022 — “Two communities from different nations periodically join together to develop a friendly and meaningful relationship…” is how Mayor Andy Williams’ ‘Cultural Diversity Observation proclamation’ started out at last week’s Nolanville City Council meeting.

The proclamation, which was issued in anticipation of the arrival of guests to Nolanville from Gostivar, Macedonia, came at a perfect time as May 21st is widely recognized as the World Day for Cultural Diversity by the United Nations. On this day, we celebrate and encourage identification, protection, and perseveration of cultural and natural heritage around the world.

A reading and signing of the proclamation as well as a presentation of gifts from both parties took place at the beginning of the May 19th City Council Meeting. Those in attendance from Gostivar included Mayor, Dr. Arben Taravari, Council Chair Valban Limani, and City Budget and Finance Officer Sadat Arfi.

Mayor Andy Williams has urged all citizens of Nolanville to join him in learning and embracing each other’s culture and in working with them to protect world culture and national heritage.

Gostivar is a city in North Macedonia located in the upper Polog valley region. It is one of the largest municipalities in the country with a population of 81,042.


For More Information:

Jennifer Shidler, Community Outreach Coordinator 254-698-6335

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