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City of Nolanville Dedicates Tree in The Memory of Steve Millsap of R.K. Bass

In a heartfelt tribute to a community member and esteemed business partner, the City of Nolanville came together at the July 6th Council meeting to honor the memory of Steven Millsap with the dedication of a Red Oak Tree. After his sudden and untimely passing, Nolanville Mayor Andy Williams and members of the Nolanville City Council presented the family and coworkers of Steven a certificate specifying the location and meaning of the tree and spent a few moments recognizing his invaluable contributions to the community.

Steven Millsap, a project supervisor with R.K. Bass for 26 years, had a profound impact on Nolanville, as he played a vital role in numerous prominent projects throughout the City. Notably, he was instrumental in the completion of Nolanville’s “Wonderpass" lighting, which has become an iconic feature of the City, captivating both residents and visitors alike.

​“The City of Nolanville's decision to honor Steven Millsap in this special way demonstrates the profound appreciation and gratitude we have for Steven’s & R.K. Bass’s contributions.” Says Mayor Andy Williams, “Through the dedication of this tree, his memory will continue to flourish, forever intertwined with the growth and prosperity of Nolanville.”​

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