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City of Nolanville and the Nolanville Boys and Girls Club Unite to Help Shape Young Business Owners

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

The city of Nolanville and the Nolanville Boys and Girls Club unite to help shape young business owners through Lemonade Day Program.

Lemonade Day will be held on Friday, May 6th, from 6 pm-8 pm at 204 N Main Street in Nolanville. The event is a free community program that teaches kids how to start and run their businesses from the bottom up.

While the program has its roots from the innocent lemonade stands of our childhoods, kids are encouraged to think outside of the lemon. Any business concept that fits a need they see in the community or allows them to make and sell a product is an excellent start to a successful lemonade stand.

Leaders from the Boys and Girls Club and Keep Nolanville Beautiful worked with students all spring to guide them through the process. Brainstorming ideas, making budgets, discussing profits, investing, and marketing and branding are all steps that the kids went through as a group.

The culmination of their hard work and planning will be May 6th, when kids will officially open for business.

The participants will keep 100% of the profits. They will, however, be reminded to reinvest some of those profits back into their business or donate to special causes, much like real-world business owners.

Nolanville Economic Development Coordinator, Kerry Fillip, is eager to see young entrepreneurs in the community, "Aside from the fun, Lemonade Day helps kids plan, budget, fund, sell, save, and perhaps even donate to various causes. It's never too early to learn money management and entrepreneurial skills that stay with you a lifetime."

Lemonade Day isn't just for the kids either; this is an event where all Nolanville can participate - as an entrepreneur, an investor, a leader, and a customer.

"Financial knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit are essential steps for future business and community leaders. We are so glad to ignite that spirit with our kids each year," said Fillip.

To reserve your spot to be a vendor from lemonade day this year, sign up on our Eventbrite at

And for more information on participating in this year's Lemonade Day program, please contact Nolanville City Hall at 254-698-6335.



Jennifer Shidler, Community Outreach Coordinator, writes about and documents community and social events for the City of Nolanville. Contact her at

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