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Comprehensive Plan Goals

  1. Maintain and Upgrade the roadway infrastructure and safety of the City of Nolanville.

  2. Remove heavy freight from the City of Nolanville

  3. Incorporate connectivity and accessibility into future development. 

  4. Develop active transit, or bicycle and pedestrian friendly, infrastructure to support a healthy and active community

  5. Create Transportation Alternatives for residents of Nolanville

  6. Maintain and enhance the beauty of Nolanville's streetscape

  7. Re-use or restructure existing buildings for community facilities that everyone can make use of

  8. Increase connectivity, accessibility, and safety with sustainable and low-maintenance infrastructure

  9. Develop Nolanville's economic niche through business and cultural events that encapsulate a small-town feel

  10. Create a system of parks and open space with the purpose of preserving natural areas and ecological systems

  11. Create recreational and educational opportunities through a system of connected parks and open spaces to make Nolanville "A Great Place to Live"

  12. Protect Nolanville's natural areas to preserve wildlife, and conserve human health and heritage, and promote beautification

  13. Enhance the value of Nolan Creek for its contribution to the quality of life by monitoring potential hazards

  14. Maintain quality standards of housing in new and current homes to keep Nolanville a great place to live

  15. Provide quality housing options that meet the needs of the diverse population of Nolanville

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