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The City of Nolanville

Public Art Program

It is a proven fact that public art enhances the quality of life for all of those who live near and visit. It helps to give a community its identity, fosters community pride, and can create a sense of belonging. Public art in a community like Nolanville is an especially powerful ingredient as public art is something that everyone has access to without making special trips to museums and art galleries. It is all right there for all to see, enjoy and consider.


Because of this, adding public art to the City of Nolanville has the potential to add great value to the cultural, visual, and economic growth of our community. 


To use public art through a series of permanent and temporary commissions that will humanize the built environment and celebrate the City's diversity of people, both past, present, and future, as a means to foster social progress. 


The City of Nolanville believes that embedded in public art are the social and interdisciplinary practices of art intersecting with civic life. As the City of Nolanville continues to grow in size and in the richness of its people, its diversity will be captured in various artistic mediums across all its neighborhoods. The City of Nolanville welcomes public art in all its forms and offers various opportunities for participation. Moreover, the City of Nolanville embraces and matures individual expression for its ability to unite people through shared experiences. 

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