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Nolanville 2020 Hometown Heroes

Military Tribute Banner Program

It’s time once again to honor our Nolanville Hometown Heroes with a Military Banner Tribute.  Anyone can submit an application to have their veteran honored.

We have 13 light poles on Main Street that need to proudly wave a salute to those who have kept our freedom free!

Banner Front.jpg
Banner Back.jpg

In order to be considered for a banner, the applicant must live in the City of Nolanville and the honoree must meet the following requirements:

  1. Served in one of the following branches: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard.

  2. Meet one of the following criteria: honorably discharged Veteran, died in the line of duty.

Banners are 16” X 36”, double sided, vinyl material and include service person’s name, branch of service, era of service and photograph.

Banners will be displayed on light posts along Main Street until December 01, 2020. 

A $75.00 donation is requested for each banner application submitted.  Donation includes the production of the banner, installation and removal.  There are 13 locations available for the 2020 program.  All checks should be made payable to City of Nolanville (reference “Hometown Heroes” on the check) or call the City Hall to pay by credit card.

Sponsorships Individuals or businesses interested in supporting the program may want to consider a sponsorship. A sponsorship is a general donation toward the Banner Program. All sponsor names will be recognized on the City of Nolanville website. Please contact city hall for more information.

Banners will be available for pickup at the Nolanville City Hall office after the display period. Unclaimed banners will become property of the City of Nolanville. Any damage to an installed banner will be handled at the discretion of City of Nolanville. Banners as surprises to living individuals are not permitted.

Print and complete the following application and submit to City Hall.  

Military Tribute Banner Application Document 
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