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Hi, My name is Jennifer.....

.......and I just signed up for my first ever 5k race.  Now, I know what you are thinking, "Big whoop... it's a 5k, why does this warrant a website?" Well, the answer is simple. I don't do cardio. Not even a little. Not even in my dreams. Not even if I am being chased by an evil clown with a machete. I DON'T RUN.....

........That is until one Tuesday morning during a staff when I raised my hand and said "Hey...why I don't sign up and track my progress from a zero to track star hero for this year's event!"  I've since then come to my senses and parted ways with the version of Jennifer that attended that staff meeting, but since "over-eager Jennifer" already paid my race dues and I'm told there will be tacos at the finish line, I guess I will carry on with this plan. So join me as I go from ZERO to (maybe) a Track Star HERO (with a taco!)

What's Jennifer Listening to while Training? 

Have a song you want Jennifer to Listen to while she trains? 

Let us know!

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Journey updates to come doing this!


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