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Organization Information


The Corporation was formed on July 8, 2014, by 4B Election Order.  


The Corporation is organized for the purposes of benefiting and accomplishing pubic purposes of, and to act on behalf of, the City by financing any project as described in Chapter 501 and 505 of the Act, including but not limited to projects for the promotion of professional and amateur athletics and sports including stadiums, ball parks, auditoriums, projects related to entertainment, convention, tourist, and exhibition facilities, amphitheaters, concert halls, and public parks, park facilities and events, open space improvements, military facilities, including closed or realigned military bases, primary job training facilities for use by institutions of higher education, research and development facilities, regional or national corporate headquarters facilities, museums and related stores, restaurant, concession, and automobile parking facilities, related area transportation facilities, and related roads, street and water and sewer facilities, recycling facilities, and projects to promote new or expanded business enterprises that create or retain primary jobs, and public safety facilities, streets and roads, drainage, and related improvements, demolition of existing structures, development and expansion of affordable housing, and targeted infrastructure and any other improvements, expenditures, or facilities that are related to any of the above projects and any other project that the board determines will promote new or expanded business enterprise that create or retain primary jobs, and the maintenance and operations expenses for any of the above-described projects.  

Requests for Information

Organizational documents, Financial Information, Minutes and Agendas are documented on this website.  
Special request can be made through the President, Nolanville Economic Development Corporation 






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Organizational Documents

Archives - Meeting Agendas and Minutes
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